At Nextgen Safaris, we’re dedicated to crafting unforgettable African experiences for travelers from around the world. From thrilling wildlife safaris to romantic honeymoon getaways, cultural immersions to adventurous mountaineering expeditions, we offer a diverse range of curated trips designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of Africa.

We understand that the success of our tours relies heavily on the expertise and support of our local ground handlers and partners. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals and organizations across Africa who share our passion for hospitality, adventure, and responsible tourism.

Why Partner with Nextgen Safaris?

  1. Collaborative Spirit: We believe in building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. When you work with us, you become part of a collaborative network dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences to our clients.
  2. Global Reach: With clients from around the world, partnering with Nextgen Safaris offers exposure to a diverse audience of travelers seeking authentic African experiences.
  3. Quality Assurance: We maintain high standards of service and professionalism, ensuring that every aspect of our tours meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.
  4. Innovation: We’re always exploring new destinations, activities, and experiences to offer our clients. Partnering with us means being part of an innovative and dynamic team that continually seeks to push boundaries and exceed industry standards.

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Local Ground Handlers: Are you a local tour operator or ground handler with extensive knowledge of your region? Join us in providing seamless logistics, expert guiding, and authentic experiences to our clients.
  • Financial Partners: We welcome financial partners who share our vision for sustainable tourism development in Africa. Whether you’re an investor, venture capitalist, or philanthropist, partnering with Nextgen Safaris offers opportunities for growth and impact.
  • Destination Specialists: Do you specialize in a particular destination or niche market? Whether it’s gorilla trekking in Uganda, cultural tours in Kenya, or beach holidays in Tanzania, we’re always looking to expand our portfolio with unique and compelling experiences.
  • Service Providers: From accommodation providers and transportation companies to activity operators and cultural guides, we’re interested in working with a wide range of service providers who share our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in partnering with Nextgen Safaris or learning more about our collaboration opportunities, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us via email at with details about your company or organization, your area of expertise, and how you envision working together.

At Nextgen Safaris, we believe that great partnerships are the key to unlocking the full potential of African tourism. Join us in creating extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories for travelers across the globe. Let’s explore Africa together!

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