Margherita Peak

Margherita Peak
Margherita Peak

Margherita Peak | The highest peak on mountain Stanley in the Rwenzori ranges is known as the Margherita peak. This is the most attractive peak with a high altitude that starts from the foothills of the rain forests as it continues moving up till it reaches the sharp point of margherita peak. Alternatively, the peak is also known as the third highest peak in the whole of Africa.

Margherita Peak

Having a look at the Margherita Peak.

Margherita peak is so far the highest point in the pearl of Africa and the highest peak of mountain Stanley in the Rwenzori mountains lying just above the largest ice snow and the glaciers of Africa.

Clients who would like to hike to the summit will marvel through the glaciers of margherita, rocks, the beautiful ice snow ad finally you will hit the sharpest point of this peak.

This peak was scaled first   by the Duke of Abruzzi, J. Petigax, C. Ollier, and J Brocherel in 1906.

Most of the guides have got a route that they use which passes of Elena hut. This route is quite similar to that route that was taken before by the pioneers during all the past years.

The glaciers in the Rwenzori mountain are rapidly   detoriating   because of the increased global warming. Therefore, this means its high time you better visited the place before its all finished.   

Getting to the peak.

The routes that are used for trekking in the Rwenzori mountains are usually divided into 2 groups. For example, the high altitude and the low altitude.

While the treks in the high altitude start from 5 to 12 days and goes up to the 4600m above, the treks in the low altitude start from 3 to 4 days till it reaches the maximum altitude of 3100m.

NOTE: Once you decide to have your safari to margherita peak, as a company, we always try to advise you to choose a package of many days such as 7 days and above in order to get a successful hike to the peak.

The hiking to  the peak will take you through treks passing by the Elena hut till you reach the south part to split in the road. An easy way of reaching   this path is through the moraine hut in the DRC.

This place has been consistently   disturbed with the political instability hence leading to the closer of this route most of the times.

Mountain Rwenzori has got several routes which can be followed till you reach the Stanley plateau.

The first route is hiking straight to the cracks and the crevasses looking forward to arriving in the west part passing through a line of steep rocks to many moderate slopes above.

Alternatively, the 2nd one is that you can  choose to continue to the southern part that is from the  small  water source that is found their known as a pond which is located in the steep cliffs direction of the katasamba and finally arriving at the sharp west turn heading to the glaciers of the mountain Rwenzori.

When it happens and you reach the glaciers, continue hiking to the steep snow that is on the mountain Stanley plateau north west of that point.

While on the peak, you will have a  small chance of having beautiful views of the mountain on the north western part of mountain Stanley plateau. This is just because of the unconducive weather that brings a lot of fog, makes the place cloudy, grow a lot of vegetation that obstruct you from getting the nice  views. However, this does not mean that you will not get any chance of seeing the views. In case you happen to get a chance, you will get to see the beautiful view of Alexander peak , the Afro montane forest that is divided by the dramatic waterfalls that are ever heating the rocks.

Preparing for the summit climb.

A single hike to the highest peak of mountain Stanley margherita peak means moving around the ice snow, and the steep slopes of the peak. The hike to Margherita peak is quite challenging and tire sum to most clients. This is because the journey is always too long ad still it needs more days for you to acclimatize the safari. Therefore, this means the client needs to be extra energyetic, physically fit and proper equipment’s to use.

However, you can have an optional of the Kilimanjaro mountain which does not require you a lot of energy while hiking.

The trekking to highest peak of mountain Stanley more so on the high altitude and on mostly on the last day of the trek, requires to be with technical equipment’s to enable you hike to the summit.

While going on your hiking safari to margherita peak, our company, Adventure in the wild safaris, always makes sure that it gives a very qualified guide whom you go with till you reach the trekking area on the mountain or while going to hike to the summit. All the equipment’s to use such as the crampons, ropes are available for you to higher so no worries about that.

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