Activities in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park

Activities in Murchison Falls: Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s largest parks, named after the Murchison Falls, where the mighty Nile is pushed through an 8-meter-deep gorge into the “Devil’s Cauldron,” resulting in an ever-present rainbow. The explorer Samuel Baker named the Murchison Falls in 1864, calling it “the most powerful fall of the entire course of the river.”

Murchison Falls National Park is located in the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley giving it great views of the plains and forested areas and the Victoria Nile that pours into Lake Albert. The Albert Nile Corridor is Uganda’s lowest area at 612m at the Delta.

Visitors to the park have the opportunity to view the falls from up as the Nile squeezes through the gorge 7 meters wide, and topple to 43 meters forming residual water a stray that forms a magnificent permanent rainbow, making it one of the world’s most powerful waterfalls, from there the Nile River continues its journey to Lake Albert then continues to Sudan, Egypt, and finally empties into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile River flows over 6,600 kilometers until emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

Activities in Murchison Falls
Hippo on the Mighty Nile River

Activities in Murchison Falls National Park

Game Drives

Activities in Murchison Falls
Game Drive in Murchison Falls

A morning game drive in one of the largest national park is one of the most rewarding wildlife encounters to visitors who come to see wildlife in their natural habitat, Murchison Falls National Park has got over 76 mammal species including Lions, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Giraffes, hyenas among others. With over 450 bird species in the park, bird watching is also a popular tourist activity in Murchison falls National Park.

The park has such a beautiful landscape of Savannah grasslands that are ideal for grazing, and when on a game drive through the park, there is a good chance of seeing animals hiding in the grasslands, waiting for their unwitting prey. The park offers morning and evening game drives, but the best time to go is early in the morning, about 6:00 a.m., with a packed breakfast which is usually enjoyed at the Nile Delta. Evening game drives start at around 4:00 pm and can last up to 4 hours.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Murchison Falls National Park

Activities in Murchison Falls
Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Murchison Falls National Park

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will take you soaring over Murchison Falls National Park, giving you views of the park that you wouldn’t see on a typical African safari game drive, highlighting the beauty of the savanna park with abundant wildlife and stunning scenery. On this adventure, you will be able to see the Mighty Nile River plodding through the park as it empties into Lake Albert, as well as the popular African ‘Big Five’ game, huge herds of elephants, Rothschild Giraffe, Antelopes, Buffalo, and big cats such as lions and leopards in Uganda’s largest National Park.

Boat Cruise to the bottom of the falls

Activities in Murchison Falls
Boat Cruise to the bottom of the falls

This is one of the most exciting activity in Murchison Falls National Park since the launch departs from Paara dock and sails upwards towards the world’s most powerful waterfalls (Murchison Falls) as you watch for schools of hippos, water birds, and terrestrial wild animals such as elephants, oribis, warthogs, and buffalos taking water along the riverbanks, cooling their body temperatures Crocodiles have been seen basking near waterfalls in particular. The boat cruise to the falls allows our clients to take close-up shots and get a clear view of the wildlife since the boat gets closer to the animals.

The Albert delta launch cruise

Activities in Murchison Falls
Albert delta launch cruise

A cruise to the Lake Albert delta, which departs early in the morning, is a peaceful and relaxing experience. Float down the papyrus-lined canal, keeping an eye out for the area’s marine animals. Hippo and crocodiles are popular in this area, and when you arrive at the delta, where the Nile meets the lake, you’ll have the opportunity to see many of the region’s fascinating bird species like the Majestic Shoebill Stork.

Sports Fishing in Murchison Falls National Park

Activities in Murchison Falls
Albert delta launch cruise

On the Mighty Nile, sport fishing is one of the most entertaining adventures and one of the most exciting all-day activities. Sports fishing, along the Nile’s banks, is an exciting challenge that allows tourists to catch a variety of fish species such as Nile Perch, catfish, and Tilapia, among others. For more info about wildlife and birding trips, kindly contact Gorilla Tracking Africa so we can plan for you once in a lifetime safari in East Africa.

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