13 Days Madagascar Adventure

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Join us on this exciting 13 Days Madagascar Adventure, delving deep into the heart of this extraordinary biodiversity hotspot. Traverse through lush, emerald rainforests teeming with life, where every step reveals a new wonder. Unwind on shores of pristine beaches, basking in the warm sun and crystal-clear waters. Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythm of the island’s vibrant culture, and let the diverse landscapes ignite your sense of wonder in this mesmerizing paradise.

Day 1: La Varangue Betsileo

Nestled in the heart of Madagascar, La Varangue Betsileo offers warmth and hospitality, with elegant rooms, a pool, and a restaurant. Road transfers from Ivato International airport to the lodge will be included.

After checking in into your deluxe room, guests may opt in to enjoy an array of hiking and exploration activities. These include bike tours, a walk through the rice paddles, riverbeds, and local villages. Enjoy a thrilling 5 – 6 hour Captain walk and hike through the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Madagascar. At an additional fee enter the Parc d’Anja, and visit the lemur population and view local vegetation maintained by locals.

After your day of sightseeing and endurance take some time to relax by the pool before visiting the restaurant for an authentic meal to end off the day.

In the morning guests will receive a delectable breakfast, before taking in the scenery for the last time. Both air and road transfers are included upon departure to your next destination.

Main Destination: Ambalavao (City)
Accommodation: Betsileo Country Lodge
Mid-range lodge located near Ambalavao (City)
Meals & Drinks: Breakfast (Lunch & dinner not included)

Day 2-3: Akiba Lodge Marofandilla

On day 2, guests will be transferred by air and road transfers included in the package. Guests arrive at Akiba Lodge Marofandilla, greeted by lush surroundings and warm hospitality, setting the stage for a memorable stay. After check in guests can embark on a leisurely walk through the magnificent Alley of Baobabs or choose one of the four hiking trails based on your preference. Each trail offers unique experiences and breathtaking scenery.

On day 3, unwind and relax at the spa. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa treatment to soothe your muscles and revitalize your mind. In the evening be treated to an authentic dinner in the lodge restaurant taking in the unforgettable surrounding views.

Main Destination: Morondava (Town)
Accommodation: Akiba Lodge Marofandilia
Luxury lodge located at Allee Des Baobabs (Highlight)
Meals & Drinks: Breakfast & dinner (Lunch not included)

Day 4-5: Le Soleil Tsingy

Day 4, guests are met with a charming lodge set amidst the unique landscape of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park following following included air and road transfers.

After a sumptuous lunch guests may opt in to visit The Tsingy Bemaraha National Park and experience unique rock formations and landscapes. Additionally guests may take part in a guided tour through tropical vegetation and wildlife. As the day comes to an end guests can enjoy an authentic dinner and soak in the serene atmosphere.

On day 5, guests receive an inclusive breakfast and lunch before starting their final final day of relaxation and rest. Guests may enjoy various relaxation and leisure activities available. Take the time to unwind and explore the amenities of the lodge or relax by the swimming pool, soaking in the late afternoon atmosphere before receiving a delectable dinner at the restaurant.

As your stay comes to an end at Le Soleil des Tsingy, guests next destination awaits, road transfers will be included.

Main Destination: Bekopaka (Town)
Accommodation: Le Soleil des Tsingy
Mid-range lodge located just outside Bemaraha NP
Meals & Drinks: All meals included

Day 6: Palissandre Cote Ouest

Guests will self-drive themselves from Le Soleil Tsingy to Morondova and then to Palissandre Cote Ouest, where a luxurious stay with dinner and breakfast included awaits them.

Following check in guests can enjoy an array of activities at their own leisure such as; fishing, kayaking through mangroves, or opt into exploring the charming village of Nosy Kelly. The hotel features a swimming pool, gym, windsurfing, snorkeling, tennis court, and archery range for an active and relaxing getaway, and relaxing spa treatments

As the day comes to an end guests will enjoy an authentic dinner before returning to your Bungalow and soaking in the evening atmosphere.

In the morning enjoy a sumptuous breakfast before being transferred to your next destination.

Main Destination: Morondava (Town)
Accommodation: Palissandre Côte Ouest
Mid-range hotel located in Morondava (Town)
Meals & Drinks: Breakfast & dinner (Lunch not included)

Day 7: Au Bois Vert Lodge

Nestled in a serene oasis, Au Bois Vert Lodge offers unparalleled relaxation and serenity to guests. Following your included air and road transfers guests may check in before taking part in an array of activities at your own leisure.

On day 7, immerse yourself in Malagasy culture with walks to local art and crafts workshops, where you can witness traditional techniques in ship models, lead soldiers, marquetry, and jewelry creation. For a thrilling experience, visit the nearby crocodile farm. Indulge in ultimate relaxation by the pool or amidst nature’s embrace. Our specialists provide rejuvenating massages, while the gym caters to fitness enthusiasts. With a commitment to excellence, every moment promises utmost quality and tranquility.

In the morning guests will receive a delectable breakfast before departing, taking in the last of the breathtaking scenery of Au Bois Vert Lodge.

Main Destination: Antananarivo (City)
Accommodation: Au Bois Vert Hotel
Mid-range hotel located in Antananarivo (City)
Meals & Drinks: Breakfast (Lunch & dinner not included)

Day 8-11: Ravintsara Wellness Hotel

Day 8, upon arrival to the luxurious Ravintsara Hotel, following both included air and road transfers, guests may relax and rejuvenate in the Spa, Hot tub, Zen area, or pool. Receive relaxing massages provided by the hotel. End your day with a swim under the stars before retiring to your luxury Sea View Bungalow.

On day 9, after breakfast guests may embark on a selection of excursions from fishing trips, charter boats exploring hidden coves along the beach, or you may opt in for 4 x 4 trips over pristine landscapes.

On day 10, following breakfast guests may opt in to spend the day on the hotels golf course, horse riding, or scuba diving with professional trainers.

On day 11, spend your last day relaxing and recharging by taking leisurely strolls around the hotel grounds taking in the scenery, spend time by the pool and bar, or receive one more spa treatment before departing to your next destination.

Main Destination: Nosy Be
Accommodation: Ravintsara Wellness
Luxury bungalow located on Nosy Be
Meals & Drinks: Breakfast (Lunch & dinner not included)

Day 12: La Varangue Betsileo

Upon your return to La Varangue Betsileo guests may check in and opt in to take park in hiking activities and sightseeing they were unable to experience in the beginning of their stay.

Guests may opt in to enjoy a variety of hiking and exploration activities based on their preference. Embark on a bike tour over the landscapes, hike through the rice paddles, riverbeds, and experience local villages. Enjoy a thrilling 5 – 6 hour Captain walk and hike through the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Madagascar. At an additional fee enter the Parc d’Anja to experience local vegetation and curious lemurs amongst the local villages.

As the day comes to an end bask in the serene atmosphere and unforgettable landscapes, soaking in the reflections and memories of Madagascar.

Main Destination: Ambalavao (City)
Accommodation: Betsileo Country Lodge
Mid-range lodge located near Ambalavao (City)
Meals & Drinks:  Breakfast (Lunch & dinner not included)

Day 13: End of 13 Days Madagascar Adventure Tour

As the sun rises on the final day of your unforgettable 13-day, 12-night stay in Madagascar, the atmosphere is filled with a bittersweet sense of departure.

After a leisurely breakfast, guests have the opportunity to take one last stroll through the lush gardens or relax by the shimmering natural pool, savoring the tranquility and serenity of their surroundings. As guests depart, they carry with them cherished memories of their time in Madagascar, enriched by the natural beauty, cultural encounters, and moments of relaxation and rejuvenation experienced during their stay.

Main Destination: No major destination visited

End of 13 Days Madagascar Adventure

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A Guide to this 13 Days Madagascar Adventure


On this 13 Days Madagascar Adventure, all visitors must have a valid passport with at least 4 consecutive blanks pages.  Any applicable visa and/or relevant documentation are the responsibility of the traveler.  For further information on Visa requirements visitors are advised to contact their nearest Madagascar Embassy or Consulate.
GMT +3
220 Volts/AC50Hz. Sockets are UK style, 3 pin square plugs. Power is from the government in the city/major towns and generator with inverter back up in the Safari Lodges and Camps.
CURRENCY: Foreign currency must be changed at the Bank, Bureau de Change, and Hotel/Safari lodge/Camp/Resort.   Major Credit Cards, Master card, Visa, American Express, are usually accepted throughout the country.  Where credit cards are accepted, the payment will normally be recorded in US$ regardless of the card’s default currency.
Dress is mainly informal and should be comfortable as well as practical. Something warm should be brought along for early morning and evenings. Safari clothes are available from hotels/lodges/camps.

Where possible, travel light. Baggage space on safari is limited to medium suitcase or soft bag per person plus reasonable amount of hand luggage. There is 15 Kilogram per person limit on all flights to the wildlife sanctuaries. Excess luggage must be stored in your arrival hotel.


You will find many different of opinion of what is safe and what is not. We recommend for peace of mind, to drink local Bottled Mineral water. It is important to drink plenty of water especially during the hotter months. We would recommend that guests drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day to limit the effects of dehydration.

East Africa is a safe and secure destination; however, it is a good idea to take a few precautions.  Kindly consult your GP or local doctor at least 6 weeks before you travel, with regards: Malaria prophylactics. East Africa is a known malaria area and preventive measures are essential. You are advised to take one of the recommended anti-malarial drugs.  Be sure to wear long sleeved shorts and trousers after sunset and spray the exposed parts of your body with a mosquito repellent spray Remember to protect yourself from direct sun rays with sunscreen cream or safari hat.
For those guests with specific dietary requirement, please ensure we are notified prior to travel
As a guideline and dependent on how happy you are, we would suggest the following: The General Hotel/Lodge/Camp Staff – Approximately U$ 10.00 per person per day Driver Guides – Approximately US$ 15.00 to US$ 20.00 per person per day


South Africa
DR. Congo
South Sudan


  • Park fees(For non-residents)
  • All activities(Unless labeled as optional)
  • All accommodation(Unless listed as upgrade)
  • A professional driver/guide
  • All transportation(Unless labeled as optional)
  • All flights during the tour
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • Meals(As specified in the day-by-day section)
  • International flights(From/to home)
  • Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour
  • Tips(Tipping guideline US$10.00 pp per day)
  • Personal items(Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
  • Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

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